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Karin Tydén 

Moving the
Human Spirit!

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Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open   I   Thomas Dewar

Hypnotherapy, coaching, EMDR – online


Moving the human spirit!

I am a hypnotherapist, multiple award-winning coach and mentor. I work in 25+ countries and have helped thousands of people maximize their potential. My specialty is to safely create rapid, profound changes and breakthroughs.


With hypnotherapy, EMDR, trauma-informed coaching, energy work and practical coaching, we change old programming that no longer suits you.

Together we develop your strength and security, so that you can move forward in life. Curious. Indomitable. Engaged. Empathic. Playful.

Karin makes
miracles happen.

She made me feel more comfortable about myself, both on and off the screen. That I could accomplish anything. To enjoy my success. And most important of all - to feel that I'm good enough, which is not easy in this business.

- Hollywood actor

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, therapy - Malmö and online
Hypnotherapist, EMDR-therapist, conversational therapist, coach, advisor and mentor Karin Tydén

About me...

Adventurer. Trailblazer. Goodness agent.

I like to go far to the outer edges. Sometimes I've been so far out that I wondered if I'd ever find my way back.

Hiking in unknown and rough interior terrain has taught me to navigate almost anything. I have cultivated an almost supernatural ability to understand and "hack" the mechanics behind people's subconscious patterns to create new and better strategies in life. Fast. Tailored. Always with the heart!

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Reduce worry and anxiety.
Lower your stress.
Resolve anger and frustration
Heal fears and phobias.
Work on trust issues.
Build strong self-confidence, self-esteem.
Let go of guilt and shame.
Treat lethargy and depression.
Sleep better.
Reduce performance anxiety
Heal grief and sadness.
Treat trauma and PTSD.
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