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Try  hypnosis

Experience how hypnosis feels. For relaxation and to reduce stress. Special tone frequencies to positively stimulate the brain.

Length: 13 minutes (music continues).

Download by clicking the button "Ladda ner spår" (downloading track). 

The material is copyright protected and may not be printed, distributed, copied, sold or transferred without permission from Karin Tydén.


Sit or lie comfortably and make sure you are undisturbed when listening to the recording. Listen with headphones for best results. You don't need to listen actively. It's ok if you float away and don’t always hear or remember what I'm saying, your subconscious is still listening. You may not drive or do anything else that requires your concentration while listening to the audio file. Should there be a situation where you need to be alert and fully aware, you will return to full awareness with your normal capacity to handle the situation in the best possible way. If you suffer from mental health problems, I recommend that you first consult your doctor before listening to any audio file.

If the recording stops while listening, it usually means that your screen saver/auto-lock simply stops the recording. If you adjust this on your mobile phone while listening, the problem is resolved.



Some recordings contain a scientifically proven brainwave stimulation technique, called Trypnaural. Using isochronic tones to stimulate your natural production of serotonin, melatonin, dopamine and DHEA, so you can get benefits like better sleep, improved mood, increased brain capacity, better health, increased creativity, stronger intuition, and so forth. 

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