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I have been in therapy for many years and felt that despite this, there were things I could not solve. These things influenced my choices in life, how I reacted and responded in different situations. With Karin's help I solved the root of my problems in only three sessions, and my life took a dramatic change for the better. Today I know what I want and make good choices naturally. I have also stopped responding to situations that previously affected me negatively. I am so calm and confident in myself.


WOW! That I could gain better self-esteem and also find my passion in life in just four sessions, I could never imagine that. Miracles exists!


I´ve always had problems in my relationships. I have not dared to connect with anyone due to the fear of being abandoned, and several relationships have crashed because of this. I have gone to counseling and I had an awareness of the problem, but I haven’t been able to get over the fear and didn’t dare to commit. After only one hypnosis session the problem was solved by itself, just like a miracle. My fear was gone and I dared to suddenly show emotions and connect for real.


I have become more secure and better, both as an artist and a human being. I now have fantastic confidence, thanks to Karin. My anxiety before performances is gone and I don’t take it so hard when I get criticized. Love it!


My confidence was at rock bottom after a difficult divorce. Hypnosis lifted me and made me happy again, and it only took a few weeks before I started to feel better and felt that I actually was good enough. I could take care of myself and my children. Now I am enjoying my new confidence, which also led to a new job and a new man. And oh my... how fast it happened.


A big thanks for your help for the World Championships in freediving in Belgrade. I took 5th place, which you have been a part of happening. You helped me to shape my "mental spearhead". I managed to squeeze everything out of me during the competition, I gave it all down to the last mitochondrion. I delivered at the peak of my physical and mental ability when I most needed it, it was enough to 5th place in this, and my best World Championship ever. Again, many thanks!!


Something happened when I was visiting you! Two seconds faster in the 100 meters free swim, that is so much better!!


I have never liked public speaking. I have even turned down jobs, where I have to speak at public events. When I got my dream job, where I also had to do public presentations, I didn’t want to turn it down, because of my disability. With the help of hypnosis, I am now quite confident on stage and even starting to love having presentations.  


I go to medical school and have many tough exams. Karin helped me to focus and create a calm feeling, that makes my exams easier and I get much higher scores.


I've always been afraid of making a fool of myself. With hypnosis I experienced how I successfully managed all possible situations. The discomfort to make a fool of myself disappeared completely after a few months and today I step into most situations with confidence.


I have only one thing to say about the session, WOW!!! I am not religious but "God Bless You"!


Being able to achieve my goals with such simplicity, I didn’t think it was possible. I don´t have to fight for everything, it works like clockwork.


My fear of flying is completely gone!!!! For the first time, I can go on board an airplane without eating a lot of beta blockers. What a feeling of freedom. It was worth every penny.


I improved my training results. I improved my job performance. Without any effort. It just became better and better. I am going to boost myself with hypnosis now and then, to see how far I can go.


You have made a massive difference in my life. Look at me now, 42 kg lighter, 100% more secure and 1000% happier. And the start of it all was two sessions with you. Grateful!


With the help of hypnosis, I have improved my performance, which has resulted in that the company has increased its turnover by 20%. I have a clear direction and a focus that I haven’t had before.


I've always been jealous and my girlfriend thought it was really tough. Who could imagine that the root of the problem was that I thought that my little brother got more attention than me, when I was a young boy? I thought it was quite natural that he should have more attention, because he was sick, but apparently, I took it harder than I thought. Today I have released my jealousy altogether and my girlfriend is overjoyed. It felt so good with Karin, because it’s not always easy to talk about these things. But with Karin it feels like you're talking to a male friend. I felt accepted, as I was. 


A big thank you for the sessions you had with me. Jag have started to open up more and receive a lot more from the Universe, and I have even met a really great guy. I had also got an exciting part time job, while I start my own business. You are a big role model and have helped me so much during these years. Big thanks!


After the session with Karin, I got a whole new understanding how my panic attacks and stage freight had its roots in a totally different trauma from early childhood, which I could never have connected the dots. With new self-awareness I can see the reaction with understanding and empathy which makes is easier for med to let go of the identity around it. Karin has an outstanding intuition and a deep understanding for behavioral psychology, which makes a combination that makes her one of the best in her field. Karin will always be my life line if I ever get stuck.


As a TV host, it is normal to be nervous before a live broadcast. But eventually I began to feel nauseous and was generally rude to everyone before the broadcast. Today I am calm and with just the normal butterflies in my stomach before broadcasting. Why didn’t I try hypnosis before?


I am surprised, grateful and satisfied with the result. Karin helped me get rid of a conflict that I have tried to solve for my whole of my life. Through therapy, CBT, personal development… Now, almost two months after the first session, I feel freer and more whole. Being able to be more myself is a gift. To me it was a bit like a new start. I highly recommend Karin!


I work as a CEO for a multinational company. This work requires that I am driven, decisive and have good communications skills. My problem was that I felt extremely uncomfortable around conflicts. Thanks to Karin I gained insight into why I thought conflicts were so unpleasant, and after only two sessions, the problem was solved. Today I resolve conflicts without any discomfort. I have become more secure in myself and a better leader, because I can tackle the problems at an early stage. The best bonus is that I have become better at tackling conflicts at home, and my kids think I have become a better father.


I have been afraid of the water for over 20 years. With one hypnosis session I got rid of the fear of water, and now I love to swim.


Hypnosis has solved the feelings and problems that made me eat. Because I feel more valuable, I opt out from situations and people that previously made me feel bad. I have completely stopped comfort eating. It has taken some time for the pounds disappear and I'm not done, but best of all is that I feel good, when I’m moving towards my goal.


With my low self-esteem, I never dared to approach women. I didn’t think I was attractive enough or interesting enough. I felt incredibly alone. In hypnosis, I found out that my low self-esteem was based on the fact that I was never acknowledged by my parents. Now, after two sessions, I feel great. I date. I feel I have something to offer.


I didn’t understand why I always was so damn angry at a colleague. It was as if she pushed all my buttons. With hypnosis, I understood that it came from childhood incidents, where I was not allowed to finish talking, exactly the way my colleague never let me finish talking. So I was as angry and frustrated, as when I was as a child. After one session the anger vanished and I could safely say to my colleague that she had to wait until I was finished talking. She apologized and we don’t have any problems anymore.


Previously, I was always nervous when I should perform in front of my clients and it affected my results in a negative way. Now, I have a killer focus and security that allows me to have poise in all business settings. Clients have remarked to me, that they feel safe with me and that they are happy to assign their business decisions to me. I can’t get better praise than that.

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EMDR and coaching. Hypnotherapist, EMDR-therapist, conversational therapist, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén.

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