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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén online and in Malmö, Sweden.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a super-focused state where your brain processes information in a different way than when you are in a "normal" state. In this super-focused state, you access your inner resources such as clarity, creativity, solution-focus and the power to change.

With hypnosis and hypnotherapy we can reduce fears, worry and anxiety. We can reduce stress. We can strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem. We can work with performance anxiety, fear of failure and making mistakes, putting the needs of others before one's own, high need for confirmation, depression, panic attacks, sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness, jealousy, listlessness, being lost, joylessness, phobias, difficulty moving forward, destructiveness, sleep problems and trauma. If you want to make more substantial changes and create long-term results in your life, I recommend a mentorship

Using hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EMDR, trauma-informed coaching, energy work and practical coaching can we together create a new way for you to experience both yourself and the world. A way that allows you to feel more balanced, happier and more able to face life. Let's work together to make you more comfortable with being you, in a safe and natural way. We can work online with exactly the same good results as IRL in my office.

Karin makes miracles happen!
She made me feel more comfortable about myself, both on and off the screen. That I could accomplish anything. To enjoy my success. And most important of all - to feel that I'm good enough, which is not easy in this business.
Hollywood actor
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