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It is as if you go in and "operate" with the finest tools, which then continue to wor as the best medicine.
- Charlotte

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy with hypnotherapist, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén online and in Malmö, Sweden.
Strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapist, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén.

You recognize yourself in any of the following:

Stuck, low, lost, afraid, worried, frustrated, confused, unmotivated, sad, angry, powerless, stressed, disconnected from joy, security, fulfillment, harmony and love. You know you need help, but getting into therapy seems far away. Or you've already gone to therapy and done all the right things, but you're experiencing little or no improvement. You want deeper and more lasting change to your problems. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you.

When you don't get the changes you want despite psychotherapy/coaching, it's often because traditional psychotherapy/coaching focuses on the brain and on the idea that the mindset causes the emotions, problems and unwanted behaviors. But many times it's not "all in your head" and it's not always that negative thought patterns are the cause of your problems. So while traditional psychotherapy/coaching can be very helpful in some cases, insights and cognitive understanding alone are not always enough to heal old negative experiences. Often healing is needed at the root level.

Root work, also called bottom-up processing, is an effective way to process and heal old negative experiences and emotional wounds that have left you stuck in certain types of thoughts, feelings, reactions and behaviors that are not so positive or helpful today. Please read about how I work and what bottom-up processing means. 

Upgrade your operating system.

Many are amazed at how often they can feel a shift in their well-being, after just one session of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. One session can be equivalent to 10 sessions with a traditional psychotherapist, sometimes more. We can reduce fears, worries and anxiety. We can reduce stress. We can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. If you want to make more substantial changes and create long-term results in your life, I recommend a mentorship

With the help of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EMDR, trauma-informed coaching, energy work and practical coaching, we work together to make you feel more balanced, happier and more capable of facing life. Let's work together to make you more comfortable with being you, in a safe and assertive way. We can work online with exactly the same good results as IRL with me in Malmö, Sweden.

Find out how the practical and a session works.

Reduce fear, worry, anxiety with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapist, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén.

Both hypnosis and EMDR are bottom-up processes that help you to access old programming and thus your whole way of thinking, feeling and acting in life. It will help you find understanding, healing, strength, security, better solutions and discover new possibilities in your life.

95% of who we are, our identity, is a set of unconscious thoughts, automatic programs, repetitive habits, emotional reactions and memorized behaviors. These routinely run programs affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, chemically, biologically, genetically and they keep us stuck in the past. Accessing these programs yourself can be difficult. My specialty is accessing and helping you heal beliefs, emotions and energy patterns that are hidden deep down in your subconscious and have created negative programs that are currently running your life. I take a multidimensional approach to my work because everything is connected - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Everything I do is tailored to your individual needs. And yes, there will be laughter, tears and a lot of aha-moments.

During the session, we work together to remove the blockages that prevent you from feeling good in life and getting where you want to be. We help to let go of old limiting beliefs, change mental structures, gain clarity, heal emotions, see new possibilities, find the courage and drive to make changes and follow your heart. I call it mind hacking. 

Low self-confidence and self-esteem, performance anxiety, fear of failure and making mistakes, putting the needs of others before one's own, high need for confirmation, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, anger, frustration loneliness, jealousy, apathy, being lost, joylessness, stress, fears, phobias, difficulty moving forward, destructiveness, sleep problems and trauma.


Quit smoking, weight loss, eating disorders, some addictions, ADHD, autism, physical problems or pain. 

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