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Legal Notices

By using this website, you acknowledge that you agree to the following terms of use of the site:



"Karin Tydén", "Your Mind Navigator" and "Mind Hacking" – logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Karin Tydén. Material published on Karin Tydén’s website belongs to Karin Tydén or is used with permission from the rights holders. Reproduction, performance, distribution, display or other communication to the public of the material on the website is, except strictly for private use, prohibited without Karin Tydén’s consent.



Material published on Karin Tydén’s website is intended as general information, and does not constitute and should not be used as professional advice. There is a risk that the content is not comprehensive or completely updated. Any unauthorized use of material on the website is at your own risk. Karin Tydén is not responsible for and has no obligations in relation to material on Karin Tydén’s website or material on any site linked to or from Karin Tydén’s website.



Karin Tydén’s website uses cookies. Cookies are temporary text files stored on your computer when you visit the site, but deleted once you close your browser. Cookies are used to keep track of what information searches belong to a particular visitor. If you don't want cookies to be saved on your computer, you can prevent this by changing your browser settings. If you choose not to accept cookies, the website can still be used but with limited functionality.


This website’s statistics are analyzed with the help of Google Analytics. Here you can read how Google uses data when you use the website.


Karin Tydén’s website can be used for electronic contact and the electronic scheduling of appointments. If you choose to contact Karin Tydén electronically or schedule an appointment electronically and provide certain personal information, Karin Tydén or employees of Karin Tydén may process personal data to manage the message or matter. All saving of personal data complies with the requirements set out in the Data Protection Act GDPR. All personal data is established and stored using means and methods which ensure that the integrity and usability of the information contained in the documents can be safeguarded during the storage period. The data will not be used for marketing or used in connection with marketing research, and will not be disclosed to third parties unless you have given specific permission for this. The data stored when scheduling an appointment is name, mobile number, email address and a short description of what you are seeking help for. The purpose of saving personal data is to be able to contact the client when necessary. When you make a reservation as a client, you will accept coaching terms and conditions, with more detailed information about what data is stored, how it is stored, the purpose of the data, who has access to the data and when it is deleted.

Karin Tydén is responsible for personal data and responsible for the data being processed. Karin Tydén determines the purpose of the treatment and how it should be handled. As a client, you can at any time find out what information is stored about you, access your personal information, booking forms, coaching terms and conditions, questionnaires, client records, and request that your data be corrected or deleted. As a client, you can revoke your consent, you are entitled to prevent future use or processing, the right to data portability, to protest and not to be automatically processed in a decision-making system. The request for any data about you is made in writing and must be signed by the applicant and include your name and address. Send the request to Karin Tydén, Bergsgatan 2, S-211 54 Malmo, Sweden. The extract will be sent to the applicant’s address within one month of receipt of the application. If you wish to request a correction, object to data processing, delete information or revoke your consent, please contact Karin Tydén at +46 708-169908.

Karin Tydén's Data Protection Officer ensures that your data is processed correctly, legally and securely, as well as following the GDPR. Our Data Protection Officer’s are Acuity, MailerLite and an accountant.

As a client or visitor to Karin Tydén's website, your e-mail address will be registered for Karin Tydén's newsletter. If you don't want Karin Tydén to contact you for direct marketing of her products and services via email, you can contact Karin Tydén by phone or email. You can also choose not to be contacted by clicking "Unsubscribe" in the respective email.

This privacy policy applies when you use products and services provided by Karin Tydén, regardless of country, or when you visit Karin Tydén's website. It does not apply to any other company's website or services, although they can be accessed via Karin Tydén.


As a client, you need to be aware that data shared between you and Karin Tydén through text, apps and e-mail is never completely safe, since this type of communication is not encrypted. Therefore, the client should be aware of what they write in their communication with the coach. Karin Tydén is responsible for deleting all sensitive information and all communication that has occurred with the client after the matter has been completed.


Karin Tydén is covered by liability insurance worldwide through BGi.UK Insurance & Risk Management. 

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