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Mentorship with practical coaching, transformative coaching, hypnotherapy, EMDR to feel better, unleash potential, perform better. Therapist, award-winning coach and mentor Karin Tydén.


1 year

For a whole year, you will have the opportunity to work with several aspects of your life, both in-depth and practically. It is in a mentorship that the biggest and most sustainable changes take place. It is an exciting journey towards a new future.

30-minute orientation call how we can tailor your mentorship.

days towards inner power and freedom!


During a mentorship, you get the opportunity to both deep dive into changing old programs that are holding you back and get practical coaching on how to change what is not working in your life and instead create a movement forward. We work with all areas of your life that need to be improved. Since we will work together for a whole year, we can create many positive changes.

We can work with a specific problem or a mix of problems that you want to heal or handle better, such as fear, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, performance anxiety, stagnation, listlessness, I'm not good enough, I don't dare. We can work with something you want to strengthen and develop more, such as good self-confidence, good self-esteem, inner security, joy, calm, and balance. My specialty is to safely create rapid, profound changes and breakthroughs.

We can work with a specific area of your life such as work and career, your relationships, your family, your business or your inner development. We can also work with several areas of your life.

We can work more practically to strengthen your resources so that you can handle problems and situations in your everyday life in a more constructive way. We can also work more philosophically and with deeper existential questions. Or we mix here as well.

We can work deeply to heal old wounds from negative events and break old patterns that don't work, and we can work practically to turn your insights into tools and implement what you've learned, so you move forward.

You get support for everything to land well in you. I am here to help you with difficult feelings and situations that may arise along the way. You get concrete, practical advice and tips on how to solve different problems, situations, conflicts, fears, etc.


Understanding and healing at a deep level combined with practical "how do I do it?" and support gives you an opportunity to create many positive and sustainable changes during the year we work together. 

We work with all areas of your life that need to be improved. We look at thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are holding you back. We strengthen you so that you can be safe, strong, calm, harmonious and feel joy and meaning in life. We create more freedom to be who you are and to like yourself.


  • When you develop awareness around your own thoughts, feelings, motives, driving forces and needs, you can better communicate what you want in different situations, you can make more decisions that are good for you and start acting instead of just reacting. This, in turn, leads to an increase in quality of life.

  • When you can live based on your values, it will create security and you will strengthen your self-worth, reducing the need for external affirmation.

  • As you heal old fears, anger, sadness, and worry, you can begin to live more in the present. You start to see more opportunities than obstacles, you become more curious about life and you get the energy to create change.

The sessions have a multidimensional approach because everything is connected - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With the help of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, EMDR, trauma-informed coaching and practical coaching, we work together to remove the blockages that prevent you from living your life optimally. Together we work to change mental structures, create clarity and focus, balance and heal emotions, see new opportunities, find the courage and drive to implement change and follow the heart. I call it mind hacking. Everything I do is tailored to your individual needs. We can work online by phone or Zoom, and the result will be as good as meeting me IRL. We can also meet at my office in Malmö, Sweden.

Between sessions, you will receive support where we ensure that:

  1. Everything lands well in you. That you can get answers to your questions, tackle bumps in the road and handle changes that occur along the way, as these don't always happen during the session.

  2. You can turn your insights into practical tools and actions that will take you forward in life. With practical coaching, we make sure that you implement what you have learned, build your resources and create forward movement through home assignments and follow-ups.

  3. You get help with difficult feelings and situations that may arise in your everyday life. Concrete, practical advice and tips on how to solve different problems, situations, conflicts, fears, etc.

  4. You are trained to understand human thoughts, feelings and behaviors, both your own and those of others. This will help you face and deal with people, situations and challenges in a more constructive way. With increased understanding, you can see things more clearly and make more informed decisions based on knowledge of who you are and what your needs are.


My clients say it's like upgrading their operating system.

We are working together for you to:
  • Gain clarity and direction in life.

  • Identify and eliminate thoughts that are holding you back.

  • Heal old negative feelings that prevent you from looking positively at yourself and life.

  • Heal traumas that stop you from feeling safe and joy in life.

  • Clear out what isn't working in your life.

  • Understand others and why they act the way they do.

  • Understand yourself, your values and driving forces and strengthen your inner GPS.

  • Communicate and take responsibility for your needs in a concrete way.

  • Be able to handle stress and challenges better.

  • Be able to make good decisions.

  • Create energy, curiosity and motivation to grow and move forward.

  • Move forward practically and take on challenges in life.

  • Get a better balance between different areas of life.

  • Create inner security, strong self-esteem and better self-confidence.

  • Get clarity about your goals and plan to reach them.

  • Strengthen the connection with your inner intelligence and intuition.

  • Create more joy and satisfaction in life.

Mentorship with transformative coaching, hypnotherapy, EMDR and practical tools to free your potential. Online and in Malmö, Sweden.
You get:

✔  Kick-off meeting to clarify your needs and goals.

✔  8 sessions for deeper transformation (IRL, Phone, Zoom).

✔  8 practical sessions to implement changes (Phone, Zoom).

✔  Checkups for urgent needs and questions.

✔ Summary with tips after each session.

✔ Action plans on how you put things into practice.
✔  Homework and follow-ups on your progress.
✔  Roadmap for clarity of what you want in life and a plan to get there.

✔  Custom audio recordings if needed.


$ 3.700 / € 3.500 excl VAT

Invoice with 30 days payment. Partial payment can be arranged. 

30-minute orientation call how we can tailor your mentorship.

The year with Karin has meant a deep cleansing on all levels of my life. I have changed my way of thinking about many things in my life. I have gained such confidence. In the past, I often gave up on challenges. Today I implement them. I have a sense of peace and I have become so much better at seeing the possibilities. Karin has helped me to introduce routines that make my life so much better. I have become a better father, husband, employee, and friend.
- Thomas
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