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Client stories...


(1 session) It's been almost magical and I can't put my finger on it, but it's like gone...that anxiety. I have exposed myself to many things and it has worked out great. The sweats are gone and I KNOW I'm capable. I've almost become a little religious. Summary - the anxiety, the sweating, and the discomfort is gone. Feeling balanced, needed...loved...confidence has increased. In the past I thought "I hope no one sees how bad I am because then I'll probably get fired...", but now I feel needed, it feels meaningful and I have no thoughts of retirement. I even have been headhunted for an interview at a new job.



I made it through something I never thought I would be able to handle, the process is not finished but I am standing firm, secure. The process is still ongoing, before I was really triggered, but now I am an observer. I don't get as involved in what the other side does or says to me or about me. To feel after a conversation/meeting that I was not affected is so beautiful. It is so beautiful to be in touch with yourself on all levels. I am so confident in myself. I am so free from inner limitations. I'm still reprogramming, but I see a difference, I FEEL a difference. In my reprogramming, it's nice to feel your presence. I also feel that it's nice to just enjoy the process and see what happens, I couldn't do that before. I always wanted to fix everything. Thank you Karin, I am so grateful that you exist. I am grateful that I saved your website in 2019 when I heard about you. I thought: I will contact her when I have really done everything I can. And I felt from the beginning that it was the right thing. Thank you for helping me to help myself, to come home to myself.



The visit with you was overwhelming in many ways but has resulted in a lot of good for me. The tears I shed were many and healing. Much needed, even if it hurt so much at first. I have gained built-in security where I can be in myself without thinking about others as I did before. I also make quick judgments about whether to get into something or stay out. An amazing feeling is when I discover that I'm just observing and that the negative doesn't reach me. Exactly what I needed. I often give you a thought of gratitude and I am so glad I made an appointment with you.


Finally, a heavy weight of sadness has been lifted from my shoulders that I carried for so many years and that I thought I would always carry for the rest of my life. Now I can think of my brother and know/feel that he is ok where ever he is today and the big lack of a mother's love I have instead gained an understanding of and can have a mother and daughter contact without feeling anger and disappointment for everything that has been. It feels like I have reconciled with my childhood and can finally turn the page and look forward. Thank you Karin for the incredible work you do with and for people!


Thanks to my "awakening" working with you, I have almost completely stopped feeling shame and guilt. Wakes up at least half of the mornings with a 5-4 3-2-1-go mindset. Fantastic! I have taken this strength with me and inspired a young girl to dare to leave her violent relationship and also persuaded her to report it. I'm actually proud of myself.


(1 session)

EMDR has helped me a lot. The fear of doing things is not nearly as pressing as it was before. Fear no longer stops me from doing things. Thoughts that it would be difficult to eat appeared, but quickly disappeared again. Not nearly as difficult when I eat with people as it was before and if someone talks to me while I'm eating, it's not as scary. I got a new job and before EMDR I would have been so focused on what I was going to eat for lunch and how things would go. I don't have those thoughts in the same way anymore, almost so I wonder where they went. It's amazing how quickly EMDR can help you. Your confirmation that I was highly sensitive also made me understand myself better. That I for example need to be by myself to recover and it has not been about avoidance behavior, as I previously thought. And I'm more accepting of the idea that I can eat by myself if I want, go for a walk if I want, and not feel different or weird for doing it.
It feels great, thank you so much!


Thanks for the session. After a few days, a complete clarity emerged within me, what I wanted to do, what I had to do to not perish. I made my decision very quickly but spent several weeks "planning my exit". However, the mere fact that I made the decision made me feel better. I made a schedule and stuck to it. It was so nice to feel how time, the days, counted down. The most amazing thing was that a few months later I regained my creativity. The creativity that had been missing for three years came back all of a sudden. It was an incredible feeling. My thoughts flowed easier, my memory improved, and I felt less confused and more present. I gained energy and experienced flow. I resumed my writing and it is extremely rewarding, I am inspired and motivated.


After my session with Karin, I gained a completely new understanding of how my panic disorder and stage fright had roots in a completely different trauma from early childhood that I myself could never see. With new self-insight, I can look at the reaction with understanding and empathy which makes it easier for me to let go of the identity around it. Karin has an intuition out of this world and a deep understanding of behavioral psychology that together makes her one of the sharpest practitioners in her field. Karin will always be my lifeline if I ever get stuck.



What an eye-opener! My fear of heights and flying was not at all what I thought. Karin helped me get to the bottom of the problem through skilled and attentive detective work, in places I hadn't looked into. On the next flight, I felt so calm that I could instead devote time and energy to a wonderful and present conversation with my chair neighbor.


I've had a huge phobia of mice and rats. After one session with EMDR, I am not afraid anymore. After seeing a rat in a restaurant, I could tell my daughter that "there is a rat". Did not run out, which is an absolutely fantastic success for me. Thank you Karin for this.


Karin helped me neutralize the fear of being seen and taking the spotlight. She helped me see/experience the difference between showing up and proving myself. Thanks to reduced pressure, I can be more present and connect with others. Being seen and heard is no longer as charged and I dare to joke and show my more playful side, a sign that I feel more relaxed.


Karin! Thanks! It's fun to work again. I take more breaks, have more distance to everything I "have to" do and I feel a lot more freedom during the day. The priorities work better, I have much less I-have-to-do-it-fast panic. I had more fears and limitations than I knew about, Karin showed me them and removed them. When my screwdriver doesn't work, I go to the construction store, when the person holding the screwdriver doesn't work, I go to Karin.


My session with you in October has really made things start to happen, but at a slow pace (which is unusual for me), but I feel good about the more pleasant pace. I have opened my eyes to my upbringing and how much it has affected me throughout my life. Everything has probably not really sunk in yet, but piece by piece I get an understanding of how and why I act as I do in life and in certain situations. I listen to the recorded audio file from the session from time to time and let the process take its time. I have started to prioritize myself, set aside time for reflection, write a diary and start meditating again. It gives me a good feeling of calm, security and confidence in the process and that "everything is as it should be". Your book, My Hacking for Rebels, is so good. It has helped me a lot.


The biggest difference is that I finally get to experience peace. "Is this how it feels? Is this how safe people walk around and feel every day?" is something I have been amazed by. I now understand that my mind and body have been in fight-or-flight mode for 30 years, and how much energy has been spent trying to create peace. Impressed with what I have accomplished in life despite a complete internal "war". And I feel very hopeful about what I will NOW be able to achieve in the future. Now I understand that it was an inner security I needed to be able to move on. Since the hypnosis, I have experienced SO much love, joy and support, from both new friendships and relationships that are already established. I get to experience other types of support that are more emotional, easy-going, advisory, and network-connecting. I have struggled so much alone, and it is expensive to isolate myself and "manage myself" in so many ways. It is beautiful to be able to receive and to lean toward each other, which deepens the relationship and generates even more love and connection. New jobs and assignments have also presented themselves now that I have been able to be nerdy, met other nerds and I finally feel READY. This is one of the most important things I have done in my life and I am so grateful to have been helped by you and your incredible skills and magic!


Since my session with you, it turned out exactly as you said. Things slowly began to change. From the day we spoke, it released the discomfort I felt. The "black hole" that I could see before, disappeared and has not appeared since. My energy started to come back and my frustrations diminished. All of a sudden, last year's "bad luck" also began to subside. Now everything is back to a more normal level again and I have felt much calmer than for a very long time. Of course, I have had setbacks some days, but it goes faster and it is easier to let go of the frustration now than before.


I have lived with panic disorder for over 20 years. Today I have reduced the medicine from 150mg to 25mg and I am anxiety-free. From ONE session with you. I am deeply grateful.


A little greeting from us. Xxxxx has won the Swedish Championship. You have a share in the gold medal. You opened a door inside Xxxxx, which we then explored further. Pretty sure that Xxxxx hadn't won the competition without the trip they dared to embark on. Xxxxx played the entire competition with joy and without anxiety. An incredibly big step in their development. Thanks Karin.


Thank you for the fantastic hypnosis I got in November. Now completely anxiety-free and happy mom.


(1 session) I am “on fire”, I have picked a new partner, fixed the executive board and renewed the business offer to the customer. We have renewed our business plan, found better partners and conducted surveys to better understand our market. Thanks to the session with you, I became aware of how clear-sighted I had been, but I had told myself that I didn’t have the right focus and let it guide my choices. Or rather that I didn’t dare to make clearer choices. I have become more confident in myself and have dared to take steps inwards but also outwards. I feel better and look forward, and with me, I have the lessons from the past. I dare to stick out my chin, but also listen and learn in the process. I see the journey in a positive way and don’t let previous challenges stop me. I have shifted my focus from obstacles to opportunities.


After a session with you, I have not had the feelings of panic that I have previously had at work. Not once have I panicked. I am calmer than before.


I really want you to know that your knowledge, your wisdom and your way of guiding is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I really admire you for the work you must have put in, to be able to help people (and me) find their way back to their inner voice and full potential. I can’t thank you enough. You have helped me lay the foundation within myself and find my way back to my truth. I have always felt that the adult world and society tried to foster me to something that has never felt real to me. For me, it has always lacked substance and a deeper meaning, and I could never accept the image that the environment wanted to convey to me. I can see today that from the beginning we are programmed to believe that we should "fit in". I understand why I have been "uncomfortable" for some people as I have always questioned the "system" and been curious. Today I see that it has been my salvation to be able to ask the question "what is freedom really?"


I am much more mobile and relaxed in the neck. Not as depressed as I was before. Feeling more in love with myself and my close relationships. I think I see more details and nuances and have more patience. It gives me more freedom because I am more aware of what is happening around me.


My biggest insight is how much I have been willing to set aside how I feel, just to be sure that everyone else is feeling well. But suddenly it just happened. I put my foot down against some of my colleagues when my limit was reached. There was no quarrel, I just marked. I have actually done this on a couple of occasions. I have also resigned from my job to start a new job. This is because I didn’t accept how I have been treated by my boss. This has been going on for a long time, but I didn’t have the strength to do something about it until now. I have also managed to set boundaries against my mother, which I didn’t think I could do. But I did. When she has made me feel guilty about something, I have been clear and told her that it is not okay for her to do so. It has been so hard to say no but it has been worth it every time. A lot of positive things have happened since I saw you. I never thought I could set boundaries the way I do now and I am so incredibly grateful for your help Karin.



I will never forget the visit with you a few years ago. You taught me to change clothes and put on the warm coat of love. To me, it's red.
It took time, but now I understand and I feel that I can love the little terrified girl inside me. You are so wise! You have helped me find my way back home to myself! Without anxiety and worry, I have made big decisions to hand over the company to the younger ones. This gives me the opportunity to follow a bit into the future.


I was a little bit low after our session, but it has been released little by little. And now I feel strengthened by it. Compliments work great now! Both new and old seek out the light and are welcomed. A fantastic boost! I don’t accept when people raise their voices anymore and I don’t back down at all. If it does not add anything constructive, I just ignore it. The bottom line is that everything feels positive!


I notice a big difference! I am kinder and not at all as questioning and demeaning to myself. I have also felt happier and more cheerful than in a long time. I have also dared to be straightforward with a difficult colleague of mine and even more cool was that I didn’t immediately start to worry about how it landed with her, or what people would think. I felt really safe, a fantastic and awesome experience! It felt like the most natural thing in the world. Self-doubt has decreased considerably, I feel much more confident in myself. My need to eat on emotions has decreased drastically and I sleep much better.


I have no words to express my gratitude to you, the universe and all the good energies for the help and insights I received through the session with you. Although 2020 has been challenging financially with all the canceled concerts, I got some respite and understood that I only needed to stop for a while. I am independent more than ever and don't recognize this new strong, stable self… or rather I have missed her. I want to thank you again and big <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I have done sessions with you, most recently with cleansing/release in the womb. Now a beautiful being is growing in that space and will arrive in this world soon. Love & hug to you ❤️


What I have noticed is how much more mental capacity I have gained. The energy that has not been there before, is now there. My own strength has increased as I have been able to keep all the routines I set. I have also been able to listen more to what needs I have and actively choose how they are to be met. Better at setting boundaries and more in touch with my emotions. I think the session opened up a large capacity within me, which made me have the strength to take care of everything else around me. I was able to learn more, want more, and become more. Eternally grateful for this.


(1 session) I must begin by saying thank you for everything you helped me release, both mentally and physically. I have dared to invest in my relationship and my partner hardly understands what happened from one day to another. It feels so wonderful. For the first time in my life, I have realized what I feel good about, and it has nothing to do with what everyone else thinks is good for me. I am no longer afraid of what others think and I feel much stronger, braver, happier, present and more powerful. If someone has opinions then it no longer hurts. It is their baggage and their prejudices. I have tried 3 new jobs and been on a job interview and although I got nervous, I no longer hide and the "panic" does not get as physical. It sometimes comes, but it doesn’t affect the body the same way. The most incredible thing and something that fascinated me and broadened my understanding of how body and mind really come together was that the body also let go. I was walking around with tight jaws, a locked thoracic, an inflamed shoulder, hair loss and poor post-workout recovery. Everything gradually released within the course of 3 weeks. Now the training is going better than ever and I feel so strong! My brake has loosened and as you said it is sooo wonderful when life is set in motion and I get flow and new energy. Thanks Karin!! The words you said during the hypnosis really landed when I came home and listened to the recording in peace and quiet. I have laughed, cried and I got goosebumps and now the words are a part of me. Thanks for everything you said and done for me! Magic for real! :)


(1 session) I just have to start by thanking you for how much you have made a positive impact on me. Knowing that I have you on an audio file has felt so safe. For many years I have had major problems getting down into the parasympathetic nervous system, but now that I have listened to your audio file while lying on my nail mat, I have almost every time been able to get down to the same resting heart rate as when I go to sleep (but while awake) and I can't do that any other time during the day. even though I'm calm. Your strengthening words have made me live more in the present and to see things more positively. I am not as disappointed or feel hopeless when things are not as I have intended or decided, and that is an incredibly comfortable feeling. You helped me to understand that I was always afraid of finding new ways and that I always wanted to know the "right" way, that I for a long time thought was the only way. I just have to learn to feel safe no matter what road I take and what I'm working on. It's not always possible, but just knowing that this is how I can think makes it feel easier. I take things in a much easier way and see the glass more half full instead of half empty, despite the current situation with Corona, (I have suffered from a lot of disaster thoughts in the past). I am also aware of not applying my behavior, especially on my youngest daughter. So I and my husband work on a daily basis to strengthen her self-confidence to solve everyday situations herself before we help. Thanks again for everything you have done for me.


(1 session) I feel better and have made progress in my process in many ways. I can set clearer boundaries for my mother in a way that feels good. I can say no to her without feeling bad about it when I need it. She respects it better than I thought. I feel more confident, secure and dare to go my own way and carry myself. I care less about what others think about me. My intuition is much stronger now. I have put plans in the works to create more freedom and space. I will quit as an employee and will then start my own company. It feels amazing!! I've bought your book which is superb and I get a lot of support from it. I am so grateful for all the help I received from you Karin.


(1 session) I feel that I dare to take on things that I want, both at work and in my private life. I have dared to make uncomfortable conversations with my boss that I had not dared to before. It felt awkward, but obviously, I knew that I have to do it. Even in private, I have taken a stand on some things, which I know my loved ones do not agree with. I feel braver every time and more confident in myself. I clearly feel that it is much easier to encourage myself. I have now decided on something that I have been thinking about for many years. I will study for a new profession. I have applied to a school this fall and although it is a turbulent time, I feel confident in my decision. I have a goal in mind and have taken the first step towards something new and better. I bought your book which is also a fantastic tool. It is very helpful. Your help has been absolutely magical, incredible that I feel so big changes in myself in such a short time and after only ONE session!! I'm so thankful! THANK YOU❤️



(1 session) I have reduced the demands on myself, I call my parents when I want and not when I should. I don't take care that much of what my mom says, which is nice. I also feel that I dare more and that I have more desire for life. I feel stronger and I am really hopeful about life and I am convinced that I will blossom and become invincible. So I really want to thank you Karin.


(1 session) I don't know HOW to summarize everything with my son (13 years old). He is a NEW child! I don’t understand. He is outgoing, forward, mature, he cut his hair, likes nice clothes… a good-looking, forward teenager. A close friend who has not seen him in over 6 months got a shock when she saw him. Her jaw dropped and she asked what had happened. A charming and social guy. We declined to put him in special schools and we chose to listen to our son's drive and motivation. He was allowed to choose his own school and he is super satisfied. You've done wonders. You are a bright star in the world.


(1 session) I'm so glad I tested hypnosis with you Karin. I feel much more secure in who I am. I have dared to stop and give myself the recovery I need, to be able to move in a direction more in line with my deep life values. You could say that I actually started all over again!


(1 session) At work, a change has been noticed and I am told by both colleagues and close friends that I am perceived to have a proactive and positive attitude to my situation and at the same time spread positivity around me. So it feels good :) Instead of just identifying the negative thoughts, I have also been able to stop them and replace them with inspirational inner target images and I have not been triggered in the same way by the same things.


(1 session) Overall, I think I'm more secure in myself, the little girl I identified with is not so present, but I feel more grown-up. I feel that I have control and take responsibility. I am not as scared and worried about things but have more of an attitude that things will solve themselves. I take responsibility for trying to solve things rather than start dwelling and thinking that things are hard and difficult, which I previously easily fell into. Of course, I have had days when everything felt more difficult, but I think I let it go easier, by really feeling why it feels like it does, what lies behind it, and not falling into a victim role, which I easily did before. Now when I’m sitting here and summarizing my thoughts on what has happened since my session, I realize that it is a lot. It feels awesome and I'm proud of myself.
I really want to thank you!


(1 session) It’s wonderful to have met you! You enrich my life. After our session, something started to shift in me and it was expressed in pictures. It is absolutely fantastic. I have never painted before and thought it is not something I can do. I love it, to submerge myself into creation. I can see myself in my paintings. The small one, the adult one, power, loneliness, play, love, longing .... I notice that I am starting to feel more secure in myself and stand up for who I am. I have a little easier not to get into reaction and disaster thinking.


(1 session) Since our session, I haven't had a stomach ache (gastric catarrh or stress/anxiety and pain) once! Nor have I felt anxiety. Sometimes anxiety feelings have snuck in, but I have been able to meet them and let them pass without letting them stay in my mind or body. I have felt lighter and more positive as I think ahead and about the future, although nothing practical has changed in my life yet, it feels good.


(1 session) It took a few days before I started to notice changes and then even more positive changes came after a few weeks. It just came naturally. I got a lot more energy, I got happier and above all I started to do things that I had postponed. For example, I started cleaning lots of old things and clothes, tossing/donating a lot. I had a little trouble with that before. I felt more vibrant and not as tired as before. I have more energy and have more desire to do things.



(1 session) Did a fantastic hypnotherapy session last week and released lots of old grief, that I didn't know I had. Now life feels sooo much easier, more harmonious and I see a bright future with a lot of love in it. I feel grateful and I want to recommend and share with me the world's best and most skilled coach. She has done wonders for me and many of my clients and friends.


(1 session) Right now I am sitting at a fantastic cafe, which happens to play my favorite music in the background, waiting for all the nutrition I love. I went to Costa Rica by myself and I am living my dream. I am free from heaviness and I blossom for every day that goes by. I meet the most amazing people who give me space and lift me up. I finally feel understood and quickly recognize which people I should not put my energy into. I have become more courageous, and clear with what I want, I trust my intuition, I hear it better and I love it. Life is easier, I live closer to both heart and soul, which gives me such a sense of freedom. You gave me the biggest key in life with your understanding and experience, and this is the start of the rest of my amazing, colorful, high-sensitivity and sensation-seeking life. I am so grateful for my session with you and you gave me the power to trust what I always had within me. You are a great role model.


I have noticed that I have been able to distinguish between what is my own feelings and what is others, and therefore have been able to decide not to act, for example. I already noticed on the first day that I could breathe much better than I did in several years and it has continued! The pressure in the chest down to the stomach is almost gone.


(1 session) The biggest difference I have noticed is that my fears have become less intense. They still exist on some occasions, but they are significantly smaller than before my session with you. I also feel that my mindset has changed and I have it easier to keep calm even in stressful situations around horse riding. I feel that I have control over the situation and that I have more confidence in my strength. The horse riding is working wonderfully! Me and my horse have made such a great development, both of us! Now I can ride all by myself and in all styles, both out on the riding course and in the riding house. My horse has run away with me a few times, but I have not been as scared as I would have been before hypnosis. I feel more at ease in the whole situation when he runs away because I know he doesn't want to hurt me. We have gained such a strong bond with each other that we trust each other regardless. Last Sunday we rode in the riding house for the first time in a whole year! Riding in all styles and really felt how calm he was in the whole situation. So thankful that I found you! You have helped me so much!



I have to thank you again for all you have done for me! Feeling so much more stable now, even though thoughts and feelings come in, I am so much more in check. I have gained a greater understanding of the things that are happening within me and that deeper knots have been tied up now, that were created when I was a kid. I've decided to focus and keep my discipline to my music and myself for a while now. So just want to thank you so much! As I said before, this has been the best I've ever done!


(1 session) I've begun to let myself express my feelings more. I don’t have to be anyone else in front of my children, then I am in front of someone else in my presence. I want to give them love in the same way that I give love to myself and to those I have around me. It's wonderful to be able to show your feelings without anyone "comforting" or dampening them. Just that someone can be there to support. Now I have started to build my business. It feels exciting and scary ... but I feel a fire in me now. The performance demand is still with me, so I often have to stop and take a step back so that the performance will not be too driving in what I do. I feel very clear when I step into the role of performing and therefore it is good to have the children around me reminding me to be present without performance.

(1 session) It has happened quite a lot since our session. I have become more conscious and gained more self-insight from a completely different perspective. It is both frightening and exciting, as well as a relief when I got to meet myself and my capacity on a whole new level. I have more clarity in what limits me and I am motivated to do some self-realization. It feels a bit like I've lived a life in 3D that has been restricted by systems, norms, and fears and now when I have opened my eyes, there's no limit to how much I can expand, 4D and beyond. The whole experience has made me read more about psychology and as much as possible about the body, central nervous system and the connection between everything. I will now focus on neuroimmunology, neurophysiology, neurophysics and biomedical technology.



(1 session) I have experienced some wonderful changes since our session. I am much closer to finishing my project. I am much more decisive. It's become easy and enjoyable to make decisions. I say to myself, "I DO know", and it feels powerful and good. I also say, "I am finding support", and that feels good. A couple of delays happened, and I found that I was able to look on the bright side of them.


(1 session) It feels very good after the session. There is a lot going on and what I noticed most is that the craving for both food and alcohol to numb feelings is not there any longer. Sometimes a thought arises about buying something to eat, but it is not a craving, but rather an old habit. It feels so good when, after a whole week of work, with a lot to do and thoughts about whether I'm good enough, haven't done emotional eating and haven't even thought about eating to numb feelings. I eat when I'm hungry and I eat good food! I was in England last weekend, a real challenge when it comes to food. It went like a dance! The realization is that I can apparently handle eating different food at times when the situation demands it. It's not a disaster anymore! So crazy nice feeling!


I want to thank you so much for getting my words back! What used to stop in the throat or at the keyboard now flows by itself. As if someone just let my fingers run. Magic!


(1 session) I am letting go of things much faster than before, and I have an easier approach at work. I feel like I am able to use more of my power and do a better job. I have created more time with my grandchildren that give me energy and I exercise more. You are a wise woman and have given me many good advice. You taught me that I did too much and what I can do differently. You have described in sensible words what is unimportant and what is important in my life. With your method, you have guided me on a track that will eventually lift me. Thanks!


(1 session) It took a while after you helped me, but suddenly one night it clicked and I approached the windows. Not without concern, but still. Now for a few weeks, I can walk around unobstructed and enjoy the view from the apartment! So there is no doubt that the session worked! In short, I ended all old thoughts in my head and now I am very focused and present in life. I don’t daydream. Hard to describe, but it is such a relief!


(1 session) I have really taken charge of my life, after our session. I work a bit and I just think it's fun, it feels good with a slow step-down. I no longer have a bad conscience if I am not working, and that is actually entirely your merit. The camper has arrived and I feel a relaxed feeling of freedom when we are out in the car. I write “we” because I have met a very nice girl, so at the moment everything feels very good. I also spend a lot of time with my children, which I think is appreciated.


(1 session) Your session has helped me in several different areas. Strengthened my self-esteem, and made me more objective in my thinking, made me stop dwelling on things I cannot influence. Just dropping a thought that is "wrong", and letting go of the anxiety in some situations is fantastic.


I have really landed in myself. I have an inner security and trust that is based on a much deeper level than before. I have a completely different contact with my inner guidance and am confident in it. Have a much greater compassion both for myself and others and feel gratitude on an infinitely deeper plane. Big and heartfelt thanks for everything you contribute to my processes! It is invaluable on so many levels to get help with it!


I sleep better. I have almost completely quit my sleep medication and even if I wake up at night, I can fall asleep again and my thoughts no longer take over.


THANK YOU for your help! I have felt a lot of differences. It has come gradually and I have noticed that I have changed my attitude towards myself in many situations. I have questioned myself when I am self-critical and I am more aware that I can decide who I want to be, and that I do not have to try to be someone whom I think others want me to be. It makes me feel much calmer and safer in myself, with others and without others. It also doesn't feel like I care as much about trying to create peace and security when I am with others. It just feels good in a natural way and when it doesn't, I'm nicer to myself and then it feels better too. I feel much safer when I spend time with my family. I do not feel so lonely either, but instead am filled more often by gratitude, when I think of all the nice people I have around me. When I feel alone, I feel that loneliness I create because I want to protect myself, and with that understanding, loneliness feels more ok. My session has really made a difference in my life. Thanks ♥️ ️!



I notice the difference all the time. Feels like I never felt so "free" in my life. I pay attention to and define energies faster and therefore am developing strategies to be able to meet them in a good way. Feeling that I am starting to see the difference when it is not my job to "fix" someone's happiness


(1 session) I am very grateful for the session with you. I have another way of thinking now, and I have started to change my behavior. I do what is good for me and the things that I want to do. I use the 5-second rule when I start to hesitate and I do things the way I want, even if they feel awkward initially.


(1 session) I feel stronger, more rooted, and don't care much about what others think. I have received more customers, who come to me when I am present and with an open heart. I stand up for myself and say more of what I want and think - nice. I'm expanding! I love and accept myself much more than before. Instead of criticizing myself for being so sensitive, I am instead grateful for it. Now I am grateful for all my gifts. I've had a lot of signs over the last two months. I feel great gratitude and I am impressed with myself and the interaction with the universe. I feel peace of mind, strength, mega-potential, gratitude, love, wisdom, light and joy. Many thanks again Karin - you are absolutely fantastic! <3


At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference for perhaps 1-2 months after the first session. Then I started feeling significant changes in the way I perceived my environment or "reality". I feel complete trust in life, I have found a big jump in self-esteem and can approach new people with less fear. I accept that I am unique and I'm complete in who I am. Also, I got to know new, very interesting people in my life, who are supporting me a lot in my career life and personal development. I feel so much love around me, and let things flow, not holding onto old baggage. Many people in my closest surrounding "disappeared", and I can let them go without fear.


(1 session) The biggest thing that happened just a couple of weeks after our session was that my breathing breaks at night have taken a dramatic turn from macabre 51 respiratory arrest/hour to 8/hour (the limit value is 4) !!! I sleep more and longer and better now than I have done for many years. It happens that I don’t sleep at all, but now I can handle it. The nurse responsible for sleep apnea hardly believed her eyes when she read the results :). Thank you for finding out that I enjoyed telling about my ailments, really thought it sounded crazy. I had a friend who reinforced it and I have almost broken the contact with her, and it is really liberating. It felt like she wanted to keep me in my miserable state. Last couple of weeks I have really enjoyed not having any pain, that I am more alert, that I am happy and I walk with a high head and proud attitude. One of my biggest gains besides breathing is that my body is strong enough for me to be able to plan different projects. I have also learned to give priority to peace and quiet after physically strenuous days. Job-wise it is easier because I am more alert.


(1 session) I can't honestly remember the last time my "relationship" with food was as relaxed as it is now. Today, food is "just" food. Although I still enjoy giving myself good and healthy food that I know strengthens me, I don’t hit myself when I eat something that is not considered as healthy. I also don’t have to eat everything that I can access, but if I "treat" myself to something that I think is extra delicious, then I eat it as long as it is enjoyable and then it is enough. I think I had a picture before I came to you, that my self-control would be 100% and I would never "fall off the wagon", but afterward I realized that it’s not at all what has happened, but the result is something much better. It is difficult to explain to others how I feel, but being able to live without constantly thinking about what I may eat or how much I get to eat is a huge relief, which I cannot describe with words. Some days I still think about how much I should eat or how my body looks. But the difference between how much I think about it is so huge, that it’s ok that it takes a little bit of time, and I hope that I can get to a place where I feel completely comfortable with food and in my body. Many people around me have said that there is a big difference in me, both in my energies and in my physical body. I believe that with the help of the hypnosis I have been able to release so much anxiety around food, that my body has been keeping up with that development. I have never felt as comfortable as I feel in my body today. It has also been wonderful that I have been able to maintain my healthy relationship with food, even when things have happened that have been typical examples of something that can trigger me to binge. I am so grateful for the changes I have experienced so far. Thanks for the tools, to live a much more relaxed life. It's amazing!


(1 session) Thanks for a great session! I feel that I have become better at standing my ground and being able to say no. I have also become more confident as a human being, which has resulted in me changing my job next fall. It feels like I'm on the right track.


(1 session) I was preparing for the job interview, listening to your audio file, listening to "I am Unstoppable". I followed your tips on how to do it during the interview. I have now been told that I have got the job. I float on clouds and I am so extremely happy for this opportunity. A whole new path opens up for me now. I am so grateful for all the help and support I received from you, Karin. You have no idea. Our session just before the work interview played a HUGE role, it cannot be valued.


(1 session) Lately, I have felt stronger than ever. My productivity has increased and I feel better overall. My ability to make decisions has improved, and I feel that I move forward with conscious steps.


It feels great. I'm very grateful, both the outbreaks and the anger have decreased. I still get angry and annoyed at times, but it is up to me to train myself. I have started to meditate and it definitely helps me. I hear my inner dialogue quite clearly. Some mean thoughts come, but I let them pass easier. And love thoughts come more often. I understand that I am not my thoughts, and try not to take them so seriously. My self-worth has been raised. Thanks!


(1 session) I thought our session was very eye-opening and interesting and the physical sensations I experienced were absolutely incredible. A very cool experience! The differences I have noticed in everyday life are that I am not as concerned about things. I think more "can others do it, I can do it". Two distinct differences I have noticed are:
1. I have started to tell people at work when it is something I don’t think is ok. Simple things like when the same person comes too late to meetings every time and then I told that person that it wasn’t ok, which I don't usually do. So I train to speak up and stand up for myself.
2. When I was skiing and went off-piste for the first time. Not once was I worried that I would not be able to handle different surfaces or slopes. Many times I even went first. I was very surprised by myself. I usually never grab things like that.


(1 session) I absolutely notice the difference. I dare to challenge myself in eating fish. White fish feels perfectly manageable now. I have tasted salmon on numerous occasions and come to the conclusion that I probably do not like it. It feels okay not to like things, after the meeting with you. I understand why I react as I do in certain situations and thus can handle the feelings better.


It has been revolutionary, I can say. But I have decided and know that I have to stand for what I want and think, not what the others around me want. I have done that, which has not always been appreciated by my husband, but I have been standing my ground, and it feels wonderful inside. Despite conflicts. I feel stronger and believe more in myself. I have also let go of my childhood, stepped out of it and feel that it was then, not now. I can't let it affect how I feel today. So my everyday life feels better, I often think of you when I am going to do things, get questions and have to deal with others. You are there with your advice and it helps me. THANKS! Thank you for being there, without you I had never come to where I am today.


(1 session) I can tell you that I feel a big difference after our session. I feel more harmonious and calm. Feeling so grateful to have received your help, which gave me insights and answers to the cause of my inner stress. Now all the puzzle pieces are in place and I enjoy life with myself and others in a completely different way than before. I also feel stronger and happier. You are absolutely fantastic and I will contact you again if and when I need it. Thank you so much for all the help Karin!


(1 session) First of all: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! I don’t know how you succeeded, but I have been a completely different person during my recent travels. My first flight to England only one week after our session should have been a disaster. It was the worst conditions for me: thunder, we got stuck in the plane on the ground for an hour before departure because of the bad weather (the anxiety should come bubbling), without my family, very turbulent etc. BUT: I managed to keep myself calm and was able to focus on the joy, the pleasure of my trip and only got a little hand sweat when it was at its worst. Our long flight to the US a couple of weeks later also went very well. This trip was calm and I even managed to fall asleep, which has not happened in the last 5 years at all. I'm so glad I had my session with you, somehow it has already made miracles!



(1 session) I feel 10 years more mature than before. I have not taken any drugs or misused anything since my session with you. I have applied for further treatment, so I get regular support. I feel lighter, feel so much better and have no craving for drugs. Feel like I did just before 2015 in the social, the job and the family. I have received feedback from others that they also perceive me as so. In this short time, I have received so much back from life and it encourages me to continue on this more responsible track. Some things you said felt a little provocative at first, but I have thought of them every day and I have taken care of them. It feels right and my self-esteem has increased considerably. The session with you in combination with the treatment in the health care facility has changed me. Absolutely. I take responsibility. I will be an adult. I will be there for others who need me. I'm not a little weak victim in a vicious circle anymore. I am so damn happy that I booked a session with you. I feel strength and willingness and a fighting spirit to be my best self for myself and for my surroundings. I feel that the Universe sees it. Thanks!!!


(1 session) I feel stronger and calmer in myself, much less influenced by other people's incongruity, less thinking and more clarity. I have noticed that I dare to be more physically present and that I am standing up for myself with others, my boss and my father have responded positively to this. I feel well respected and more like my own person.


(1 session) I have absolutely noticed differences, especially in my mindset. I don't feel as uncertain about anything that I should do, but rather think - Yeah, I'll fix this. Life feels more positive overall.


Thanks for 2 very good sessions. The day after our last meeting I counted 54321 and galloped with the horse, and made it since then !!!!!!!!!! Now it just moves forward. THANKS!


I don't know how to thank you Karin. Feel like a whole new person - a person who has finally fully landed in being here now and with the confidence that I always will be guided by my values, regardless of what happens. Always loved to perform and had tremendous self-confidence, however, in meetings with you, I have realized that what I needed to work with my self-esteem. Your ability to find the real core of feelings of sadness, anxiety, and frustration is still something I am impressed with. I came to you with a definite idea of what was the reason why I saw the world in a dark gray way, but it turned out to be something completely different. Now I move on in life with great confidence that I am good enough, just as I am, and I think for the most part that I am a really nice person with good values. If at some point in my life again I need mentorship that really makes a difference, there is only one person I will turn to again - Karin Tydén.


It actually feels really really good. Listed every day for a month on the recording and thought positive thoughts every morning before I got up. I have reached new goals and I feel proud and strong.


(1 session) I just want to email and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for the help I have received from your coaching and recording!! It has made such a huge difference for me and made me understand myself and be able to process my "issues". I am perhaps not a completely new person, but really a much stronger and clearer person, and I don't feel at all as scared, worried and anxious as I did before we met.


(1 session) You're the best! You found my daughter's "thorns" and removed them. I've got a completely "new" daughter!


A big thank you for the sessions we had. I've started to open up and receive much more from the Universe and have even met a really nice guy. I have also got an exciting part-time job, while I start my own business. You are a great role model and have helped me so much with myself these years. Many thanks!


(1 session) Many things in everyday life have changed for the better. I have an easier time saying no without automatically getting a bad conscience, I am more rested mentally and also keep a better mental focus. In addition, I feel more joy in life at a deeper level. It has always been easy for me to feel gratitude and joy, but now it is much deeper. I have been meditating to the recording every day since 2/1. I do this in the morning and then I sit down and write what I am grateful for, what I prioritize during the day and what will fill the day with joy and good things. This has worked and continues to work deep within me. You are awesome at what you do! You are skilled, thorough and straightforward. You have a depth that few have and therefore everything becomes easy for me. I am very pleased that our roads have been crossed. Looking forward to continue working with you.


I feel safer in myself and more structured, I have stopped feeling sorry for my customers when they are going to pay for my art. I get things done with new efficiency. Thank you so much!


(1 session) It feels good, I think I'm gradually making progress. My mind feels lighter and happier and I am more positive in my inner dialogue in general. I am definitely a better friend to myself than I used to be. I have been standing up for myself in a calmer way than before, and it feels more natural to ask myself what I want before I say yes or no to things. I prioritize my own well-being in a different way and it feels more natural to do so. Thank you so much!


(1 session) Where do I start? It happens so much and it happens all the time, new things almost every day. It is absolutely amazing. I have stopped walking around dwelling on old wrongdoings that occupied a lot of energy before. This means that I am much more in the present and have much more energy. I take hold of everything from small things to larger projects with ease, and don’t wait for the "right moment". This is very big for me. I feel that I am more courageous in conversations. I dare to say my opinion and it feels easy and I do it with love. I don’t take it personally if someone in my surrounding is in a bad mood. I did that before. I have also cleaned my home, the shelves and drawers, which I haven't done for a long time. It feels amazing and I feel a little bit like a new person. The vengeful person is no longer there, but I can tell my truth directly to the person, and it will be settled there and then. All the energy I get from doing that, instead of thinking about what I should have said, I can put on something that I have postponed before. If it is something I intend to bring up with someone, I don’t need to think about it daily but put it aside until I meet the person next time. All that is huge for me. I also feel that I straighten my back more, and feel safer and stronger. I have recommended you to my friends and talk to everyone who wants to listen, how good it has been for me.

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